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One partly sunny day, I decided to go to a well-known coffee shop. Ordered an ice coffee (small, grande, w/e) and a deli "sandwich" (turkey & havarti) and sat down. As I chewed on the cardboard-like sandwich, and reminisced on how I just spent $8.53, I then realized I left the birds’ cage open at home and they are probably going to fly everywhere and make a mess. (such a fool)


Anyway, I noticed the 6 oz sandwich had astronomical fat, cholesterol, and sodium, which still didn't make it taste any better.

Growing up with a dietician mother, a father who loved good taste over health, and being the cheapskate that I am, I felt I was wronged in every way. Thus breaking bread was born. The end.



During the college dorm days, I recall one of my roommates and I living a money-strained lifestyle. He'd say let's break some bread (all G like), and then we'd cook enough food to share. I enjoyed the whole selfless action; it was comforting, and gave a homely feel while away from home. I couldn't help but name it after that. (No we are not bread chemists that sell drugs or bread alone, we apologize)



Unique hot pressed toasty sealed sandwiches! We aim for quick affordable food that has both your taste and health in mind.


We strive for natural, organic, GMO-free products that provide nutritional value while maintaining great taste. We also opt for lower fat and sodium choices that aren't replaced with even worse substances. Our menu tries to take a combination of cultures' flavors and put them in a sandwich. We like comfort food yet try to make it so that it's not too unhealthy. Our unique sandwiches are made to order and are finished off by being hot-pressed and sealed so that they're easy to take with you wherever you go. As for fried food you won't find any with us. Sorry, we just want our food to leave you feeling good before and after eating it.



The vision for Breaking Bread is to grow and become a large non-profit that helps fund projects it’s local communities actually want and/or need and to get things done, show first-hand results. I plan on also developing a menu of sandwiches that’s customer-focused and introduce flavors from many different cultures, hopefully to break boundaries and to introduce the world to itself through it’s food.


By helping communities with its' smaller overlooked projects, I only hope it will genuinely inspire others and spread a positive move. I have this personal belief that sometimes our roots can easily be forgotten along the way, and a continuous small reminder can help us get back. Breaking Bread was made to promote unity and community. It’s more than just good food.



Here are videos that make us tick

First World Problems - for cereal

First World Problems - for serious
What do you desire, something to think about (of course within reason)
Philanthropy pretty on point

People Coming together through music

People and labels

Helping others (Kids version)

Don't forget about your elders
and the animals!

More Motivation


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